A Word From The Chairman

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To achieve a sense of sustainability in our rapidly growing cities, it should all start from the early stages of education. Our responsibility as experienced Architects and Engineers is to find ways to serve our community and look at raising eco-friendly generations to take part in a brighter future. When we mention the word “sustainable design” to our Jordanian students, not only do we mean Green Design, however we make sure they are aware of the cultural, political, economic, and social values to the communities they must serve.

iSustain is dedicated to all Architecture and Engineering students attending Jordanian Universities, to create environmental awareness through one-on-one lecturing by international experts in the field. The benefit will be granted to the local communities and universities equally. Our plan is to extend this award to our neighboring countries and hopefully beyond.

It is with great pleasure to introduce the iSustain Award, a trophy for innovation and appreciation rewarded to our gifted students and successors whom will inherit and grow our cities with better sustainable lifestyles.

Chairman Said Abujaber
A/E Business Council
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