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The world we live in today does not cope well with average. Efficiency, adaptation and timelessness are the keys to sustainability that is our future. Sustainability in design is to ensure our buildings are engineered to survive, and seamlessly blend with the surrounding context while leaving as little Impact as possible, consequently elevating the quality of living. Today more than ever, this applies to our environment, our terrain and our buildings. I sustain tackles buildings and urban scale opportunities at city level and establishes a communication bridge between the AE sector and the Jordanian universities. The initiative maximizes the benefits from our university research and knowledge expertise, and reduces the gap between theory and application for university students.

Competition breeds creativity and innovation, which raises the quality of design projects. This ensures the most creative and passionate succeed and levels the playing field for all those who compete. ISustain is a competition designed to give the candidates the best chance of success while allowing juror, mentor and student to learn from each other in the process and share knowledge and experience between all involved parties. It provides the chance for a fruitful dialogue between academics, practitioners and city legislators.

Meisa Batayneh
Founder of iSustain Initative
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