Our Objectives

  • To encourage a medium for innovation in sustainable design in Jordan by providing dialogue and exchange of knowledge for participants to put forward their ideas and explore the possibilities for their implementation through tangible projects.
  • To establish a foundation for Research and Development (R&D) in the field of sustainable design by bringing forward new proposed solutions and technologies that might attract potential sponsors and technical expertise for long term collaborations.
  • To create more pilot projects with lessons learned and documented technical know-how that would bridge the gap between theory and practice in the field of sustainable design in Jordan.
  • To provide participating students and young professionals with unique training opportunities, skill development and knowledge that would prepare them to enter Jordan’s workforce, particularly in the field of sustainable design.
  • To demonstrate to the public the opportunities presented by sustainable design strategies that combine construction techniques, technologies and materials that are relevant and applicable to the environmental, economic, cultural and social contexts of Jordan and the region.
  • To provide members of the A/E Business Council with the opportunity to develop their skills in the field and promote their services to various stakeholders and potential clients.
  • To build on local partnerships with key stakeholders from public and private sectors and NGO’s to streamline efforts in spreading awareness and promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability.
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